CK666 Backlight Mechanical Keyboard

SKU: CK666
৳ 4,790.00


  • A variety of cool LED lighting effects
  • The suspension keycap design
  • All mechanical switch, professional E-sports player career standard equipment
  • Multimedia function combination Key, both work and game are ok
  • A variety of game modes and button custom lighting set
  • Lock WIN quickly, avoid cutting out the desktop by accident when fighting game
  • Size: 437x128x36mm
  • Weight: 850 ± 10g


  • Perfect ergonomic design
  • Super wear resistance Teflon mat
  • Five core shielding woven magnetic cable
  • DPI mode: 800/1000/1600/2400DPI
  • Size: 122x62x40mm
  • Weight: 132 ± 10g
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